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From the Desk of Luke Williams

Dear Trucker,

In next the few minutes, I want to share with you how and why we were chosen "The Best Fleets to Drive For" for 8 years in a ROW!

It's not about the great CPM we offer, it's not about all the perks we have but values go way deeper.

Hi! My name is Luke Williams and I have been around trucking all my life. My father started as a driver for my grandfather’s company around the time I was born.

By the time I was 6 he wanted to go out on his own and that is when he and a few friends started Central Oregon Truck Company.

They were all flatbed Truck drivers and they wanted to build a company for drivers that were better than what they had seen and experienced at other companies.

Their first focus was production, making sure that when our driving team was away from home they were moving and making money because when they were drivers being away from the family was only worth it if they were making money.

They understood the sacrifice it was to leave their family, to have us ask them to stay another day at home, and to watch us wave as they drove off down the road, but they also understood what made it worth it and that was the ability to provide for that family.

They also built our company on fixing issues that drove them crazy as a driver!

Those same values are still preached in our office today. This helps us stay balance, driver-focused, and knowledgeable about what goes on in the driving team’s world and helps us get better year after year.

In fact, like many of you have either been told or told your children like my father told me to

Stay out of trucking...

You see, my dad had gone through the hardships of building the company, the stress of if the company would survive, the times when losing money even if for one month meant the end of his future and dreams.

So, If you’re looking for a company that can afford you the opportunity for you and your family then I invite you to join our team and let Central Oregon Truck do for your family what it did for my family and many families before mine and, God willing, many families after mine.

Let me Show You...

What sets Us apart from the rest:

#1 - Top Pay in the Industry!

  • On Day One, start out at 64 CPM.
  • $100 tarp!
  • Loyalty pay earned on day one and up to 5.5 cents per mile.
  • Base pay assurance of $1350
  • New Hire Pay- $1,250 after the successful completion of orientation.

if you aren’t dispatched on your next load within one hour of getting empty:

I'm going to pay you $100 Dwell Pay!

Your time is just as precious to us as it is to you!

Best Fleets, Haul of Fame!

#2 - Best Fleets To Drive For 10 Years In a Row!

  • Drivers have voted us, "Best Fleets to Driver For" in North America for 9 hears in a row!
  • This year, we were inducted to the "Best Fleets to Driver For" Haul of Fame after winning the award for 9 years in a row!

Yes that's my dad, one of COTC drivers and me! (left to right)

#3 - Loyalty Pay

  • Start accruing an extra 1.2 cent per mile on day one and earn up to 5.5 cents per mile with your continued employment!

  • Averaging only 10,000 miles a month, our top loyalty tier pays an extra $6,600 a year!

Central Oregon Truck and Leavitt's Freight Service

#4 - Weekly Pay on Actual Miles Driven!

  • No more requirements to deliver your load before you get paid.
  • Our pay period pays you for the miles you have driven from Monday at midnight to Monday and midnight. This evens out your checks on a weekly basis!

#5 - Health Benefits? Yupp! Got'em.

401K Match Yupp! & so much more.

  • We Pay 100% of your premiums for nationwide Medical and Short-term Disability at NO COST TO YOU! Ask us about additional options to add family members or buy-up for more comprehensive plans.
  • We match your 401K contribution up to 4% with No Vesting Period. We match your contribution right away and let your money get to work for you immediately!
  • $50,000 Life Insurance Policy! No additional cost to you!

#6 - Schedule YOUR Home Time for When YOU Need It.

  • Schedule your home time for when is most important to you! Simply go on to our Home Time Request App, submit your time off and our operations team WILL make sure you are home for it. Simple as that!

#7 - Per Diem

  • COTC helps minimize your tax contributions! Earn up to 15 CPM in our Per Diem program and we'll make sure you pay ZERO taxes on it. No fee for this service and Just another way COTC puts more money in your pocket!

#8 -$2K Refer A Friend

  • Refer a friend and earn an extra $2,000 per referral! Great way to earn more money if you know drivers in the industry or over the road as you meet new drivers!
  • 10 drivers a year could earn you an extra $20,000!
  • $1500 when they get into a truck and $500 at 90 days.

#9 - Dedicated Heavy Haul Fleet

  • Live in the Northwest? Join our quad axle dedicated fleet! Get home with your family EVERY WEEKEND for a minimum of 48 hours! Some weeknights if possible too! Our drivers on this fleet make over $91,000 on average. Top earners make $108,000!

#10 - Equipment

  • We invest in our equipment to minimize your down time! All late model Kenworth T680s. Enjoy rolling in our highly maintained equipment, which translates to more green lights through the scales! Our safety scores are some of the best in the country because of our driving team and shop personnel.
  • Because we do very little drop and swap of trailers, you will be assigned a tractor/trailer that you can help maintain and be proud of!

#11 - Driver Concierge and Deli

  • Drive in, drop off the keys, and let us do the rest! Grab a shower and warm meal while we check over the equipment and even park it for you!

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We never share your information with anyone.

Too Good

To Be True?

I know what you're thinking...

I want you to hear it from truckers like yourself who made the switch and how they feel here with me...

- Brian 

1.5 Years with Central Oregon

- Randy 

4 Years with Central Oregon

- Robbie

1 Year with Central Oregon

- Bruce

9.5 Years with Central Oregon

We never share your information with anyone.

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We never share your information with anyone.

Your Life Is About To Change!

Here’s something else I want you to know. I sincerely want to help you!

Maybe you're not making money you should be… or maybe you don't believe anything is going to change. Or maybe you have a spouse or a partner who doesn't believe joining another trucking company is going to do anything.

And that’s okay. I believe in you and your desire to make more while choosing when you want to be with your loved ones… because you wouldn’t have read this far if you weren’t serious about making a change in your trucking career.

And because you’re serious, I want to do everything I can to put more money in your pocket...while feeling the proudest and happiest driver on the road because I know we are going to work as hard as you do for us.

Now, remember this...

This will put a lot of things in perspective for you...

The Money and Lanes you want...

The Life and Family Time You Want...

All fueled by the Company You Drive For!

So what are you waiting for click the button below and submit your quick application. My team will be in touch with you shortly.

We never share your information with anyone.

As you can see we are one of the best trucking companies in the nation!

We don’t waste our driver’s time or take advantage of their sacrifice of being away from home

Let's set you up to be successful as well!


-Luke Williams

P.S. If you want to make the money you deserve for being away from your family, click the link and we'll make that happen!

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